The büro für feinKultur is specialized in the planning, organization and communication of fine arts and cultural projects including exhibitions, campaigns, events, talks, cultural festivals and festivities, lectures, concerts, and many more.

Working within a big network of cooperation partners, we cover almost any aspect of modern art and cultural mediation. Our portfolio ranges from literature, music, theatre, architecture, fine arts, film, photography, contemporary dance to design. Additionally, we offer press relations management.

As an affair of the heart, we also engage in voluntary services supporting and organizing sustainable cultural projects and social discourses in locations and spaces accessible to the general public. Within this context, we host the „Literarisches Picknick“ (The Literary Picnic) at the Viktoria Park in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

The büro für feinKultur was founded in 2007 by Tarik Schubert.